• China's micro financial technology helps Mengshan technology enter O2O's new retail territory

    In March 31, 2017, the theme of "change of man, goods and field! Global purchase, new retail, new consumption" and the conference of "Hai name micro" cross-border e-commerce intelligent retail terminal were held in Harbor Hotel, Tonglu, Hangzhou. As a leading enterprise of cross-border e-commerce services, Meng Shan technology makes full use of its own cross-border supply chain resource advantages, and deeply integrates the national micro financial science and technology self-service terminal platform, making great efforts to create the whole industrial chain operation ecology of the seamless retail store and the online business city.
    Cooperative news:
    China micro finance technology as a comprehensive strategic partner of Mengshan technology, the two sides signed a strategic cooperation agreement.
    Cooperation time:2017-04-01
  • Cooperative news:
    Cooperation time:2017-03-31